Woman, Thou Art Loosed (Not)!

More of the peculiar brand of freedom that Bush has brought to Afghanistan:

Editor of Afghan women's magazine arrested (via AP)
Excerpt: The editor of an Afghan women's rights magazine was jailed after a presidential adviser accused him of publishing un-Islamic material — including an article critical of the practice of punishing adultery with 100 lashes, officials said Friday. Minority Shiite Muslim clerics in Kabul objected to that article and another in the monthly Haqooq-i-Zan— or Women's Rights — that argued that giving up Islam was not a crime, Police arrested the magazine's editor, Ali Mohaqiq Nasab, on Saturday. (end)

Note that this draconian action was taken at the instigation of a top adviser to Hamid Karzai, the fashion-plate hand-picked by Bush to lead the American satrapy in Afghanistan; the same Karzai who has made deadly alliances with mass-murdering warlords and despair-peddling dopelords. Extremism, enforced religious belief, murder, crime, misogyny and corruption: that's Bush's idea of freedom and democracy -- one which he is busily applying not only in ancient lands but in the heartland of the Homeland itself.