When Zombies Attack!

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What's more disturbing here? The fact that Bush has goosed the German Chancellor at a high-level summit meeting? Or the completely zonked-out look on his face? Is he on Halcion, like dear old dad? Or is it Old Grandad again? Has there ever been such a goon in charge of a vast nuclear arsenal? Lord have mercy on us all.

Video uploaded at Youtube by Richard K.

Jon Stewart's Take on Bush Vulcan Pinch

...using a move she learned in date prevention class...

Bush and the Pig

The Middle East is in crisis, international tension has not been this high for decades and President Bush is excited about the honor of "slicing the pig."

Putin Smokes Bush

Bush said he had told the Russian leader that people in the US wanted Russia to promote the sort of democratic institutions that exist in Iraq. Putin's deadpan response caused even the thick-skinned Texan to blush. "To be honest, we certainly would not want to have the same kind of democracy as they have in Iraq," Putin said, prompting laughter and applause from many of the assembled reporters.

Bush caught swearing and chomping 'pig' on microphone at G8

The Daily Show host thanked providence that President Bush was at least on message when he was caught speaking off-the-cuff to Tony Blair.

Letterman Top Ten George Bush Video Moments