What the Men Who Have Been There Say About the Horror They Have Seen and Done

The invaluable Dahr Jamail reports from the Veterans for Peace National Convention in Dallas, where Iraqi vets laid it on the line about the unjust, ungodly war they were dragooned into fighting by the lies of the little gutless bag of wind "clearing brush" on his little faux ranch down the road.

Their eloquent anger and dedication to halting Bush's criminal insanity is reason enough for reading the piece, but there are also telling bits of information as well, such as confirmation of the widespread use of depleted uranium and its devastating effects on the civilian population. An excerpt:

"After discussing how the background radiation in Baghdad is now five times the normal rate -- the equivalent of having three chest x-rays an hour, [Iraqi vet Charlie Anderson] said, 'These are not accidents -- the DU -- it's important for people to understand this -- the use of DU and its effects are by design. These are very carefully engineered and orchestrated incidents.'"