Use Your Disillusion: Refuting the Apologists of Aggression

Understanding And Misunderstanding Iraq (A Tiny Revolution)

This important post by Jon Schwarz eviscerates – politely, calmly, with nothing but facts from the historical record – the main arguments advanced by the "liberal hawks" (and their defenders, such as Michael Cohen) for their support for the invasion of Iraq. It is a remarkable piece of myth-busting, fulfilling Henry Miller's dictum to writers "to inoculate the world with disillusionment."

Of course, one of the most remarkable things about Jon's piece is that it had to be written at all, that is necessary – still – to debunk the self-deceptions and shallow conventional wisdom of our "serious" thinkers, in the face of plain facts, readily available, that contradict or undermine their specious apologias for the brutal exercise of state terror.

An excerpt would not do justice to Jon's work here, so scoot on over to A Tiny Revolution and read it in full. (Glenn Greenwald also has more on this theme: Enforcing the Community's foreign policy orthodoxy.)