Torture Triptych: Portrait of the Real America, July 2008

A panel of federal judges upholds the presidential autocrat's right to seize American citizens and place them in military detention:

Court Backs Bush on Military Dententions (NYT)

Read that story in conjunction with this interview with Jane Mayer, about her new book on how the Bush-Cheney faction's long-held, pre-9/11 doctrine of presidential autocracy was written on the bodies on tortured captives:

Six Questions for Jane Mayer, author of The Dark Side (Harpers)

And add Glenn Greenwald's gloss on the Mayer interview, which focuses on the fact that the Democratic leadership is deeply and directly implicated in the torture system of the Bush Regime:

The motivation for blocking investigations into Bush lawbreaking (

Then ask yourself if anyone with a scintilla of intellectual honesty could still believe that the United States of America bears the slightest resemblance to a constitutional republic -- or that any future president will actually prosecute a single member of the bipartisan leadership that approved, embraced and championed this filth.