Time Regained: Keeping A Dissident Voice in Full Cry

Atthur Silber has returned from a season in hell and is giving us some of the finest writing yet from his excellent, enlightening, and insightful blog, Once Upon a Time. His pieces suffer from one defect, however; they are so good that they defy excerpting. To offer up a few quotes from a Silber article is like trying to convey the reality of the Atlantic Ocean by showing someone a glass of salt water. So take the plunge and try some of these recent offerings in full: Living Under the Guillotine's Blade; Theater of Death; and this devastating masterpiece of analysis, The United States as Cho Seung-Hui: How the State Sanctifies Murder.

Arthur, like many dissident writers, is also hard up, struggling to keep body and soul – much less blog – together. So when you get there, show your appreciation, as largely as you can. His mighty voice is one we can't afford to lose.