The "Maverick" Makes a Move

McCain Taps Former Bush Political Director (AP)
No need for much comment; the story says it all. Suffice it to say that anyone who still believes that John McCain is some kind of "maverick" who will clean up the monstrous
mound of filth left behind by the Bush Regime has rocks in the head. He is not even hiding his pathetic eagerness to be seen as the "heir of Bush's political machine" – i.e., the machine that has given us aggressive war, systematic torture, mass corruption and presidential dictatorship. That's what McCain wants for himself.

Excerpts from AP: With an eye toward the 2008 presidential campaign, GOP Sen. John McCain  of Arizona has hired one of President Bush's top re-election advisers to help run his political action committee. Terry Nelson, political director of the Bush-Cheney campaign in 2004, will be senior adviser to Straight Talk America, according to several official familiar with the hiring....

While some of Bush's former aides may line behind McCain's potential GOP presidential rivals, Nelson's hiring may help McCain cast himself as the early front-runner and potential heir of Bush's political machine....In 2004, Nelson helped put together Bush's well-oiled grass roots operations. Nelson was political director for the House Republican campaign committee during the 2000 election cycle.