The Light Shines in Darkness: Keep a Special Flame Burning


If you want to continue to see posts with the kind of piercing acuity and verbal panache that Arthur Silber offers up with astounding regularity, then get on over to his blog, Once Upon a Time, and drop your tithe in the offering plate.

Because Arthur speaks the truth -- instead of the third-rate twaddle that gets you choice gigs at, say, The Atlantic -- he finds himself, like truth-tellers through the ages, up against the wall. So go there now, and help keep one of the most eloquent, informed and passionate voices of dissent in our time sounding out in the depths of the long American Night. Whatever you can contribute will be money well-spent.

UPDATE: For a prime example of what we're talking about here, see Arthur's latest piece: You, Too, Can and Should Be an "Intelligence Analyst."

* Photo by Ken Jackson.