The Good Captain

In regard to the item below, dealing with the further revelations of torture in the Bush gulag brought to light by Army Captain Ian Fishback, we offer this brief ballad in the good captain's honor.

The Good Captain

Good captain, good captain, now what have you done?
You've laid out the dead in the light of the sun.
You've opened the door where the dark deeds go on,
Where the fine words of freedom are broken like bones.

Good captain, good captain, you tell us of crime
Done in the name of your country and mine.
Of torture and murder, perversion and lies,
In a land where no echo will carry the cries.

Good captain, good captain, now who do we blame
For the horrors you bring us, for this undying shame?
Should we lay all the guilt on the grunts with no name,
Or the high and the mighty who set up this game?

Good captain, good captain, don't you know the fate
Of all those who speak the hard truth to the State,
And all who disturb the people's sweet dreams?
They're mocked into scorn and torn apart at the seams.


©2005 by Chris Floyd. All rights reserved.