The Filth Factor: Malkin Stalkin' Children to Defame Der Leader's Critics

Check out this ThinkProgress post on the smear assault launched by the Brownshirtosphere against a 12-year-old child and his family for daring to criticize the "Unitary Executive's" heartless health policies. As TP notes, the usual suspects have piled on Graeme Frost, whose story was featured in a Democratic radio address two weeks ago in an effort to head off Bush's slashing of the Children's Health Insurance Program. TP finds Powerline, the war pornographers at the Weekly Standard, the genocidal Glenn "More Rubble, Less Trouble" Reynolds, the National Review and other bottom feeders trying to dig up dirt on the Frost family, to discredit young Graeme's testimony.

But the worst of this baying pack of hyenas has to be Michelle Malkin, who, not content with mere character assassination, literally stalked the Frost family, showing up at the father's place of business to ask questions about the family's background, and creeping around outside the Frost family home, sinisterly noting the "01-20-09" stickers on the front door and the family car. This is, of course, the secret code for the Islamocommunist resistance to Der Leader -- a reference to the tragic day when He is due to step down from office. (Although surely God will send another terrorist attack so we can evoke "national emergency" powers and keep Our Father with us!)*

I don't really have much more to say about this filth. ThinkProgress has the link so you can read Malkin's vomitous mass yourself. I can only repeat what I said in a message to a friend about the Brownshirtosphere's actions: "To think that I've lived long enough to see scum like this crawl out from under their rocks and get a national platform. Sickening."

*Note: Of course, Malkin shows her usual ignorance with her oh-so-scary reference to "01-20-09." Real dissidents aren't looking forward to the end of Bush's official term; they demand his ouster and prosecution right now.