The Commander Riseth


Here's a big shock: General Petraeus is to be put in charge of the whole Terror War shebang in Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia and everywhere else in the great "arc of crisis."

How surprising, that a colorless apparatchik favored and feted (and found useful) by the entire "bipartisan foreign policy establishment" was able to ace out his marginally independent superior and claim his job!

Yes sir, the sky's the limit for this eager beaver. Next up, head of the Joint Chiefs, then -- why not? -- Commander-in-Chief!

Sometimes I look at Petraeus, and I see....Putin.

UPDATE: Our ever-insightful commenter, Grandma Jefferson, offers this telling gloss on the story:

[Petraeus] will do for the entire war-crime theater what he did for Iraq...sell weapons under the table to all sides, allow a trillion $$ or so to vanish from a locked room in his headquarters, and "catapult" the chaos into an expotential global catastrophe. I feel so much better now, knowing his invincible stupidity is to be the presiding genius of the Iran war. Democracy is safe!