Summer Cold: Deadly Farce and Deadly Force in the Terror War

(UPDATED BELOW. Updated again.)

I was about to link to this excellent post by Winter Patriot on the deadly farce of the Jose Padilla trial, but when I got halfway through, I saw that our frozen friend began quoting a disreputable writer who has been cashiered by not one but two purveyors of media product in the past year.  Not wishing to be associated with such riff-raff, I obviously cannot to link to WP's cold-eyed insights in his piece: Jose Padilla Trial: Prosecution's Case Is Thin; Defense Could Blow The GWOT Out Of The Water ... But Don't Count On It.  Maybe you could Google it or something.

However, it must be said that aside from his occasional adversions to disreputable types, Winter Patriot has been blazing with white heat on a number of fronts lately, including the portentous goings-on in Pakistan. WP is one of the few bloggers who keeps a close eye on this epicenter of the Terror War, where so much of the murderous game has been spawned – and where it might reach its most horrific conclusion.

So if you seek a site where the ragged flag of liberty is still flying, then check out the icy precincts of that indomitable snowman, Winter Patriot.

UPDATE: And WP is still cooking with gas, as this latest post shows: Marne Avalanche: Because Nobody Stops the Snowslide. Marshalling an array of sources on the actual hell behind the PR "surge," WP hones in on the anguished question rising from the suffering Iraqi multitudes:

What did we do to the Americans to deserve all this?

And the answer comes cold and hard from WP:

Nothing. Nothing at all. Nobody could possibly deserve all this.....It's a long, sad, story; but the basic idea is this:

You were unfortunate enough to be born into a country with vast oil wealth and no way to protect it. And the people who want that oil don't care about you, or your donkeys, or your ten-year-old boys, or your little babies.

They are masters of deception, patient schemers with long-term ambitions and the means to achieve them. They have lied and cheated and stolen their way to the most powerful office in the most powerful country in the world. They now control the most fearsome killing machine ever assembled. Or at least they think they control it. A good case can be made for the notion that it controls them.

But at the moment it doesn't matter, because the machine is very difficult if not impossible to stop, and the only people who could possibly stop it are more interested in letting it run.

And the machine drinks oil.

That's why.

UPDATE II: Still firing on all cylinders, WP finds the "good news" about the surge that the devilish liberal media are keeping from us.