Strange Rope: A Prevision of Twerpish Tyranny

Avalon Floyd, transatlantic literary scholar (Canterbury and Carolina), has found a remarkable prophecy of our day -- and our tainted leaders -- in the works of an 18th-century dissident. Ms Floyd writes:

Just wanted to pass this along, as it struck me as being pertinent to the events of our time:

"It is a farce to pretend that a man fights for his country, his hearth, or his altars, when he has neither liberty nor property. -- His property is in his nervous arms -- and they are compelled to pull a strange rope at the surly command of a tyrannic boy, who probably obtained his rank on account of his family connections, or the prostituted vote of the father, whose interest in a borough, or voice as senator, was acceptable to the minister." 

-- Mary Wollstonecraft, A Vindication of the Rights of Man