Stairway to Heaven: New Ways to Grab the "Wheel"

"Wheel of Heaven," the Chris Floyd/Nick Kulukundis album, is now available via iTunes (and other download emporiums), as well as in old-fashioned CDs like Grandma used to make (here and here). We think you'll find the music of some interest, either piecemeal in digital dollops or in the heaping helping of the whole thing.

We are very slowly slouching toward the Bethlehem of a new CD -- hindered somewhat by the two oceans and several continents now between us, which puts a bit of a crimp in the old jam sessioning -- but the songs on "Wheel" are still rolling along out there, waiting for your ears. (A pr
eview of one new song, "Tenderness," can be found here. Three "Wheel" songs are there too.)

So give it a listen, if you take a notion. You'll also be striking a glancing blow against the Bush Imperium by supporting this small pocket of resistance to its many crimes; money from the music helps keep this website afloat. (For other ways to support the site, go here.)

Pictured: Mr. Floyd and Mr. Kulukundis promenade through the park upon completion of their "long-playing" disc.