Sibel Soon -- But First an Update on Haditha

I will soon post an article on Sibel Edmonds' revelations in the Sunday Times about American officials selling nuclear secrets -- while also delving into the much deeper context behind the operation. But below is a quick follow-up to last week's post on Haditha, an excellent article by Frida Berrigan in In These Times: The Fog of War Crimes.

Among other things, Berrigan's article gives the lie to the trollish bluster of "Truthseeker" (sic) in the comments on the earlier Haditha piece. Mr. Seeker says there was no methodical murder of 24 innocent civilians by U.S. Marines in Haditha, and that the facts about what happened there were "never confirmed by Pentagon and Congressional sources." It was a lot of media hype, apparently. Thus do the cringing servants of power cling to their slavish illusions.

The truth, of course, is that after media reports -- including videotape of the massacre's aftermath -- finally forced the Pentagon to investigate, it was the Naval Criminal Investigative Services which determined that the civilians had been killed by the Marines -- not by insurgents, as originally claimed -- and that the civilians had been deliberately targeted.

To repeat for all the "truthseekers" out there: it was the U.S. military -- not the media, not Jack Murtha -- that officially determined that a deliberate massacre of innocent civilians had taken place at Haditha.

There is much more to Berrigan's article, which deals with other atrocities and notes that "no U.S. military officer has been held accountable for criminal acts committed by subordinates under the doctrine of command responsbility."

I've said all along that the main culprits in Haditha -- and Isahaqi, and Hamdaniya, and Mahmudiya, and Fallujah, and all the many other places in Iraq where oceans of innocent blood have been spilled -- are not the soldiers but the leaders who sent them into this flagrant war crime -- which in both international and American law stands in exact parallel with the unprovoked invasion of sovereign countries by Nazi Germany in World War II.

But "Truthseeker" and his ilk simply cannot handle that truth. And so they lash out at anyone who threatens their self-serving delusions about the war -- even if the criticism is based on the findings of the Pentagon's own investigators.