Send in the Clowns: Congress Writes More Blank Checks for Bush Crime

Arthur Silber comes down hard on the empire burlesque put on by the clowns that rule us, noting that the Democratic-led Congress has just handed George W. Bush two blank checks: one for an unlimited military presence in Iraq -- for years, decades, even centuries -- while the other merely gives the Bush gang a full, formal "justification" for launching a war of aggression against Iran.

We thank you, princes, for this fell service: record it with your high and worthy deeds. 'Twas bravely done, if you bethink you of it.

Or as Arthur puts it:

So about the Democratic leadership of the House: either they don't understand what this language means and what its effect will be, in which case they are too stupid to be on the city council of Flat Ass, Alabama -- or they know exactly what it means, in which case they belong in jail.

Now go read the whole thing.