Scare Tactics: The Great American Freak-Out

I was going to write about the latest "terror scare" from people who allegedly planned to do something at JFK Airport that was not technically feasible and had not actually gotten around to procuring any supplies or making any concrete plans for the technically unfeasible thing they had allegedly been talking about doing. (This is of course the exact same scenario we saw last year in the UK with the "liquid bomb" plot to blow up airliners -- a Terror War extravaganza that is still hobbling air traveler all over the world, despite the scientific fact that the "liquid bombs" could not have actually been concocted on board in the manner alleged). But as usual, Arthur Silber has gotten there first on the latest horror story, and done it better, so we will send you over to him: Unreasoning Hysteria as the Default Position: Joan Crawford Does Foreign Policy. He takes off on a truly trembly fit of the vapors from Andrew "Not the One Who Kissed Molly Ringwald" McCarthy, which Sibler rightly sees as emblematic not only of the cowards of the Yellow Elephant Right, but also of a deeper, more pervasive and deadly combination of aggressive entitlement and intense vulnerability in the superpower psyche.

Anyway, scoot on over and read the latest from Silber -- the lazy blogger's best friend.