Power Couple: Hillary andTom, Bombs and Pies


Jon Schwarz is, as always, cooking with high-grade gas over at A Tiny Revolution. His two latest pieces are prime examples. First, he tells us why, according to the logic and rhetoric of Hillary Clinton -- and the great conglomerated googily-moogily of the bipartisan foreign policy establishment and the high corporate media -- Iran is fully entitled to invade the United States.

Next, he gives fresh confirmation as to exactly why Tom Friedman deserves a nice, juicy pie -- in the face.

UPDATE: Another deft chef with the cooking gas is Winter Patriot, who brings us bad news for George Bush: Peace Breaking Out in Pakistan. That's good for the actual human beings in Pakistan, of course -- but you know the Potomac Putz and his boss, the Crazy Bald Guy, won't let this peace nonsense go on for too long. We see a big old provocation (or two, or fifteen) coming down the pike real soon.