Pack Daddy: Nation Mourns Loss of Major Moral Cretin

Alack the day, now comes news that the Great White Father of conservatism has been called home. And as Winter Patriot notes here and here, he's bound to get a warm reception when he gets there.

Meanwhile over at Digby's place, Tristero has another remembrance of the great man whose "principled" conservatism and "intellectual firepower" did so much to shape the vibrant, healthy political landscape that we enjoy today.

One final note. I've read William Buckley's scribblings for almost 40 years. And the idea that he could be considered an "intellectual" in any sense of the word just shows how thoroughly degraded our public discourse has become. Unless, of course, by "intellectual" you actually mean "guy who uses big words and urges on other people to take base and evil actions while he sits back in well-wadded comfort." Then yes, in that sense -- and in that sense only -- Buckley was indeed an "intellectual."

But if you are talking about quality of mind, scholarly depth and scope of understanding, only a fool would apply such a term to a moral cretin like William Buckley.