Old War, New War, Deathporn, Disillusion: Some Quick Takes on a Late Night

1. Arthur Silber finds it's business as usual amongst the bipartisan elite with the latest outrage: the "InfraGard" program that enrolls selected businessfolk as spying eyes in their communities -- and as shoot-to-kill enforcers of martial law when (not if, they're told) the word comes down from the Commander-in-Chief. Scary stuff; but as Silber notes, not only did this program begin under the "progressive" Bill Clinton, it has deep roots going back almost 100 years amongst the great and good. Silber, as always, is required reading, and he's back with a vengeance after a hiatus, so get on over there and dive in. (While you're there, be sure to check out this choice morsel, if you want some  genuine "straight talk.")

2. If you've not seen this piece elsewhere, go see it now at Consortiumnews.com: "Waterboarders for God," by Ray McGovern. Is there any other phrase that describes the putschists on the Potomac, and their innumerable little sycophants running around out there in the hydra-headed, rightwing blathersphere?

3. Wow, who ever could have seen this coming? The Bush Administration is going to haul six captives before its kangaroo military commission and put them on trial for the 9/11 attacks -- right smack dab in the middle of a presidential election! What's more, the putschists have already confessed to illegally torturing the chief morsel being offered up at the trial, alleged attack mastermind Khalid Shaikh Muhammad. Thus the "debate" over the Administration's admitted use of waterboarding -- which has been an illegal torture in American law, including American military law, for more than 100 years -- will be bound up inextricably with endless images of the hairy-backed monster of al Qaeda facing justice for the mass murder of innocent Americans. Think we'll hear a peep out of the Democrats on torture and civil liberties -- or any challenge at all to Bush's gulag, Terror War and other Republic-gutting, world-engulfing "national security" policies -- while this deathporn rules the airwaves?

But perhaps we're being unfair. For it's certain that the Democratic candidate will have at least one thing to say on these issues: a solemn vow to be "even tougher" than Bush.

4. By the way, the Bushists are helping to orchestrate a new war in the Balkans. Just thought you might like to know.

5. Meanwhile, in the old war  -- or in John McCain's formulation, the Hundred Years' War -- in Iraq, the death-agonies of an entire society being murdered continue. With copious and shattering detail, Michael Schwartz tells the story of "Iraq's Tidal Wave of Misery."

6. And finally, Jonathan Schwarz is reassured that Barack Obama will indeed be plentifully supplied with war criminals to guide and advise him as he binds up the wounds of a fractured nation: Let The Brutal Disillusionment Begin. (And while you're there, be sure to see this landmark piece: "Lie After Lie: What Exactly Colin Powell Knew Five Years Ago Today, And What He Told The World."