Note from the Publisher - Richard Kastelein

While Chris has been away, I went through the latest brouhaha with the Wiki Police over at Wikipedia - there seems to be a right wing contingent there that doesn't like Chris and they finally deleted his Wikipedia entry completely last week citing there was not enough proof and he was a 'nobody' - which enraged me. So I simply built another Wikipedia page today with 30 citations and references. I look forward to see their new arguments. 

I have almost been working with Chris for five years now - we started this site in July 2005. But I have been busy over at Atlantic Free Press since 2006 - when  I decided that I needed a place to call my own and felt more comfortable in an editorial role rather than a writing one. Chris is such a powerful writer - as many of you members know and he really needs his own space. We have been through many server crashes, hacks, DOS attacks, sql injections etc. over the years. But things seem to have smoothed out a lot in 2010.

Atlantic Free Press now has over 300 writers and over 13,000 articles - and a sister site started in 2007 at Pacific Free Press run by Chris Cook who also run Gorilla Radio.

I have never met Chris Floyd in real life  - though I hope to one of these days as my 'day job' takes me from Holland to the UK more often this year.

Please note - the donation button money is for Chris - feel free to use it and help him out - he really deserves it. I am now using some google ads and other links to generate revenue for the servers - apologies for the advertising -  but server bills are a reality.

Thank you all for using the new social media viral features -, Facebook etc. It's really improving traffic to the site!

Keep your eye out for a new book from Chris... we have been talking about publishing another one.


Richard Kastelein