Nick Kristof: Pimping the Meme

As'ad AbuKhalil has a brief word to say about Nicholas Kristof's latest column, in which the earnest NYT columnist boldly announces that it is permissible to criticize the government of Israel without automatically being termed a genocidal Nazi pigdog -- while making sure to pimp the meme of his fellow Timesman, Thomas "The Flat" Friedman, and lambast Arabs for ignoring the depredations of Arab leaders. This is a constant theme of the professional dispensers of conventional wisdom: that the stupid filthy Arabs love their tyrants (and never denounce terrorism either). But let the "Angry Arab" speak for himself:

The commercial marketeer of Darfur has a silly column about Israel--you can only expect silly and boring from Kristof, always. He basically said that it is OK to criticize Israel because it is good for Israel. He then said this: "You can argue that Arabs pursue a double standard, focusing on repression by Israelis while ignoring greater human rights violations by fellow Arabs." Let me tell you this, esteemed columnist. Thousands upon thousands of Arabs have been killed protesting the oppression of the Syrian, Saudi, Jordanian, Iraqi, Egyptian, Moroccan, and other Arab regimes. They don't need you to tell them that Mubarak is a tyrant. You in the US need to be told that. So please, go back to promoting Darfur tragedy as kitsch, and I don't want to interrupt your tours-with-celebrities in Africa.