Monster Mash: Words to Live By, Politics to Die From

Some recent readings of particular note:

1. That saucy madcap Arthur Silber finds rich comedy in the anguished confessions of long-time "Clinton apologists" who have been shocked -- shocked -- to find that Hill and Bill are actually ruthless, remorseless, shiv-in-the-back power-grubbers who would steep themselves in crime and calumny to advance their own interests at the expense of friends, allies, party and or nation.
Who knew? Get on over to Silber's place now for the yocks -- and the richly rewarding links.

Silber also points us to a word that is, without doubt, the best and most complete description of our reality today: blivot: "ten pounds of shit in a five-pound bag." (And as it happens, the word is also the most apt physical description of the gurning little frat boy prancing around in the White House today.)

2. Meanwhile, Jon Schwarz tells us exactly who is responsible for the blivotization of American society: people just like him. After linking to Hillary Clinton's monstrously mendacious 2002 speech in support of what every sentient being at the time knew was a blank check for a war of aggression against Iraq, Schwarz makes this observation:

The older I get, the less I blame people like Clinton for lying. Politicians will always lie as much as their society allows. The problem here isn't Clinton, but the layers of America underneath her. In particular I blame the upper middle professional class from whose loins I sprang. Their entire societal power derives from them —ie, doctors, scientists, managers— purportedly caring about reality. But it turns out they don't, as long as they themselves don't suffer.

Schwarz has more to say about the mutual monstering of H. Clinton and Samantha Power here.

3. Winter Patriot soldiers on with this excellent dismantling of George W. Blovit's ringing endorsement of torture, which he delivered in a nation-wide radio address last weekend. WP does us all a great service by wading into the ordure emanating from the wretched little leaky bag, and unpacking the numerous lies Bush poured into his vile and shameful speech. Read it, and scream.