Many Thanks

I just wanted to say thanks for all the support garnered by the post below -- and a special thanks to Rich for posting it up in the first place. Although I'd been thinking of doing another fundraising pitch, I didn't ask him to do this one -- it was an act of spontaneous generosity on his part: just one more example of the extraordinary and continuing generosity he has given to this site, which he created out from open-source software and has sustained with an enormous amount of work, especially lately, as he's had to fight off the hacking attempts. No one would even be reading this site, much less contributing to it, if it wasn't for him, nor would the book exist without his design, editorial and logistical support. A very good man to have on your side.

Anyway, thanks again to everyone for all of this support -- it is a big help, and it is very much appreciated. If by chance I failed to thank you individually, my apologies. It was inadvertant.

Now back to our regular programming: doom, despair, death, deceit -- in short, the Bush Imperium.