Machine Politics: Hijinks in Georgia?

The ever-stalwart Winter Patriot (no fair-weather friend to liberty, he) has the lowdown on disturbing reports out of Georgia on yet more of those unaccountably strange voting-machine glitches that always seem to afflict candidates on the outs with the powers-that-be. WP is guest-blogging at, where you will find more on this and other katzenjammer being played with the consent of the governed:

REPORTS: GA Dem Primary Votes Flipping from Cynthia McKinney to Opponent Hank Johnson.

Meanwhile, Mark Crispin Miller, bringing News From Underground, has ominous tidings of a "November Surprise," as the Hard-Right thumb is set come down on the polling scales once again, with "shock" upsets and "stunning" reversals and "bewildering discrepancies between exit polls and final results" bringing another staggeringly improbably Republican "victory" at the polls. It's the same old sinister schmeer that we saw in 2000 and 2004 -- but even more sophisticated and pervasive this time around. From the Baltimore Chronicle:

How To Pre-empt a "November Surprise."