Love and Theft

Among our many other remissals, we are often remiss here in not linking enough to Jonathan Schwarz at A Tiny Revolution. This, er, remissalosity stems mainly from the fact that everything Jon posts is worth reading and we assume that all right-minded people out there are already reading him every day. Also, he is a lot funnier than I am, so why would I want to advertise that fact? I get enough humiliation from the mirror every morning. But we digress. Jon has got several great posts up on his front page right now, so why not scoot on over there and give them a look? Particularly fine are the "New Slogans for the Democratic Party" that Jon and several commenters have come up with, including:

"The Democrats: Blood Money FOR THE PEOPLE."
"The Democratic Party: We're here, we're becoming rapidly irrelevant, get used to it."
"We're the Democratic Party. No, we're the Democratic Party. You shut up. No, you shut up."

Jon also comes up with "The Nasser Quote That Never Goes Out of Style." Below, we excerpt -- all right -- steal the entire post:

Here's Larry Johnson, former CIA agent, on his discussions with people he knows in the mideast:

"Our friends and allies naively believe that we have a plan and know what we are doing... they are convinced that we have a secret plan we are not sharing with them... They look at me with disbelief and bewilderment when I tell them there is no secret plan and we are as incompetent as they fear."

Now, here's something Gamal Nasser said to Miles Copeland—another CIA agent—in the fifties:

"The genius of you Americans is that you never made clear-cut stupid moves, only complicated stupid moves which makes us wonder at the possibility that there may be something to them we are missing."

Man, that's an evergreen.