Lord Have Mercy: Religious Fascist Endorses Political Fascist for Preznit

Pat Robertson Endorses Giuliani for President (NYT)

It is truly a match made in Heaven: a long-time dictator-coddler, blood diamond merchant, Jew-hater and milkshake shiller – who dabbles in religious flim-flammery on the side – endorsing a torture-loving, warmongering, serially adulterous, gender-confused, compulsively lying authoritarian to lead God's own country.

Verily I say unto you: we live in blessed times.

Woody Guthrie had a somewhat slightly different view, of course:
Jesus Christ was a man who traveled through the land,
A hard-working man and brave.
He said to the rich, "Give your money to the poor,"
But they laid Jesus Christ in His grave…

When Jesus come to town, all the working folks around
Believed what he did say.
But the bankers and the preachers, they nailed Him on the cross,
And they laid Jesus Christ in his grave...

This song was written in New York City
Of rich man, preacher, and slave:
If Jesus was to preach what He preached in Galilee,
They would lay Jesus Christ in His grave.