Killing Joke: The Liberal Misunderstanding of the Extremist Threat to America

Mark Crispin Miller gives us the lowdown on the religious extremists who pose a deep and genuine threat to our way of life. These sectarians seek nothing less than the complete subjegation of American democracy to their primitive theocratic rule. With ruthless and relentless cunning, they are using the very openness and tolerance of our secular society to infiltrate the centers of power, at the local, state and federal level, and employ the institutions of government to advance their radical agenda. Yet, as Miller points out, our so-called "liberal media" and the Hollywood elite simply will not take this growing threat seriously, preferring either to joke about it or else try to make a political accomodation with those who seek the destruction of our civilization. But what accomodation can be made with sectarians who have perverted an ancient religion of peace and turned it into a weapon of war, aiding and abetting the destruction of whole nations, and the slaughter of hundreds of thousands of innocent people?

Yes, Miller takes on the Christianists, those betrayers of the Nazarene, who have by stealth and deception already reached the commanding heights of American society, where they cheer on -- and in some cases help plan and direct -- George W. Bush's "Terror War" rampages around the world and the militarization of American life. Watch and listen to Miller's sobering exposition of the true nature of the christianofascism that is casting its crooked shadow over the land: Laughing in the Dark (Notes From Underground).