Inside Information

Jonathan Scharwz tells "A Funny Little Story About the Media" -- and reveals a mountain of truth about the way the American Establishment really operates in this remarkable post on his excellent blog. (And for laughs -- albeit the bitter laugh of painful truth -- check out this earlier posting: We Must Protect Our Precious Creek-Based Fluids. The title alone is worth the price of admission.) We won't excerpt the media story here; you should read the whole thing. As I said earlier, every peek behind the scenes at the American power structure is a Gore Vidal novel made flesh. So as soon as you're done reading Jonathan's insights, hie thee hence to library, bookstore or and avail yourself of Vidal's "Narratives of a Golden Age" (Burr, Lincoln, 1876, Empire, Hollywood, Washington D.C. and The Golden Age), for a comprehensive education in political reality. Truth may be stranger than fiction, but Vidal's fictions are truer than the "truth" presented to us by the governing class and its media sycophants.