In the Shadowlands of the Terror War

Bob Herbert, man on fire, one of the fiercest voices of dissent in the mainstream media, gives us the lowdown on the "voodoo law enforcement" that the Bush Regime's carefully calculated fearmongering has set loose upon the land: The Truth Puts You in Jail. (via The Progressive American.)

Herbert tells the story of the coerced confession of a "terror suspect" who only escaped the permanent oblivion of Bush's Terror War gulag by a fortuitous twist of fate that blew his captor's false case out of the water. But how many luckless others have gone down into that abyss on similarly baseless charges? As Herbert says:

For five years now Americans have been chasing ghosts and shadows, and demanding that they confess to terrorizing us. Who's terrorizing whom here?

We need to ask ourselves: Do we want a just society? Or are we willing to trade that revolutionary idea for a repressive government that gives us nothing more than the illusion of safety?