Idiot Wind

Jesus' General does some righteous research on the culturally clashing responses to the London bombing. An excerpt:

"Its time for the President and PM Blair to come to the realisation that its time to save American and British lives and return our troops to their homes.THEN NUKE THE FREAKIN AREA...MAKE IT A PARKING LOT FOR A THOUSAND YEARS! WIPE THE EARTH CLEAN OF THESE COWARDS!"--leagalbgl, Little Green Footballs.

"Those responsible for London attacks are criminals who do not represent Islam or even truly understand (its message)" --Al-Azhar Grand Imam Sheikh Mohammad Sayyed Tantawi, powerful Sunni cleric.

For more condemnation of the attacks from leaders of the "Muslim village" who,
according to Tom Friedman, are forever "derelict" in their condemnation of the "death-cult in their midst," see this story. Friedman's gasbaggery is particularly acute in his column on the bombings, by the way, with the usual condescending rhetoric, giant blind spot about the West's part in the cycle of violence, the usual specious logic and of course a subtle plug for his latest book, Flatter Than a Flitter in a Roomful of Elephants, or some such.

Here's the piece on London for New Jersey's Bergen Record, which they requested yesterday. It's not a brilliant piece of work -- written on a very tight deadline, for the paper's very mainstream audience -- but it gives a general overview of the mood, as I caught it, in the immediate aftermath of the bombing. The paper's headline is a bit off; there was an indomitable spirit at work, but there wasn't that much visible "rubble," as three of the bombs were underground. Anyway, here it is, written about eight hours after the attacks.

An Indomitable Spirit Amid the Rubble.