I, Sycophant: Historical Ignorance in the Service of the Power

I sent the letter below to The Guardian today, in regard to this piece of narcissistic, historically ignorant drivel: Christopher Hitchens on Karl Marx: "The Grub Street Years." I originally thought of doing a more thorough demolition of the article, but then decided that life's too short. Anyway, these days Hitchens is his own best parodist. Here's the letter:

OK, OK, we get it already ("Karl Marx: Reporter," 16 June): Christopher Hitchens is Karl Marx and George W. Bush is Abraham Lincoln: journalist extraordinnaire and visionary leader, who alone can perceive the world-historical import of events, high above the petty carping of "the Pharisees." Oh yes, what an uncanny parallel, and evoked with such exquisite subtlety.

This ludicrous, self-regarding mummery might be amusing under other circumstances. But while Bush and his ever-prolix sycophant prance about in their borrowed robes, countless thousands keep dying in the dirty war that the prancers so ardently champion -- a criminal folly whose conduct, causes and purposes bear about as much relation to the American Civil War as our pampered, power-stroking author bears to, well, Karl Marx.