Gangster's Paradise

The indefatigable impresario of this site, Richard Kastelein, has posted an important story in The Pub today, dealing with rapidly deepening implications of the Jack Abramoff scandal. As Rich and his links point out, the Abramoff affair is not a "lobbying scandal": it's the linchpin of a vast criminal enterprise involving every facet of the Bush Administration. Josh Marshall has been leading the way on this story, which could indeed be the "key to all mysteries" in piercing the dark heart of the Bush Faction's nefarious operation.

The breaking stories all underscore a theme that we've sounded here many times: The Bush Faction is not a political group interested in governing the country; it's a criminal gang of thugs in silk suits intent on enriching themselves and their cronies. There will be more, much more on all this to come. And as Rich notes today, it is now taking a decidedly sinister turn, with mafia-style contract killings now entering the mix. Check out his posting, and feel free to add your own info and comments.