From Hell: A Vision of Coulter Across the Water

Charlie Brooker, the Guardian's savage television critic, took a gander at the faux-funny Fox Faux-News show, "The Half Hour News Hour," which is now being inflicted on the Brits as well. In the piece, Brooker gives us perhaps the best description of Ann Coulter ever, worth passing on to posterity:

"The set piece was a shockingly dismal skit starring right-wing radio hog Rush Limbaugh and joyless crypto-fascists commentator Ann Coulter, who wandered on screen looking so haunted and drawn I briefly mistook her for a ghost and kicked my television from its stand in a blind panic. Spewing all that negative hate must've hollowed out her spirit, poor thing; her eyes are now a portal to a world of infinite nihilistic oblivion -- gaze into them too long and you can feel the air growing cold around you."