Easter Rising: A War Against the World


Jon Schwarz, in exorciating the well-wadded cluelessness of Jeffrey Goldberg, gives us one of the very best descriptions of our present reality that I've ever seen:

What Goldberg still cannot see, despite it hitting him in the face every second for five years, in that the "war" Donald Rumsfeld and Dick Cheney have fought is not the United States Vs. Iraq. Nor is it the United States vs. Things Jeffrey Goldberg Doesn't Like.

Instead, the war the Bush administration has fought is Their Branch Of The U.S. Oligarchy vs. Everyone Else On Earth. That war they have prosecuted ruthlessly, unsentimentally, efficiently, and with a constant preoccupation with winning. And while it's not something that can be permanently won, they've certainly been on a long winning streak.

True, this winning streak has required them to lose many of the imaginary wars that exist in Jeffrey Goldberg's head. In fact, it may require dismantling the United States as we know it. But that's fine with them.

And that's the gospel truth on this Easter Sunday. That's the war we are really in. The American people have always been one of the primary targets of this thuggish faction's Terror War, and the constitutional republic of the United States was actually the first victim of the Bushists' "regime change" operations.

The war that Schwarz describes so well began long before this particular faction seized overt power in 2000 -- although it has greatly escalated since then -- and it will continue long after they depart from office next year.  And they will keep on going from victory to victory -- enabled at every step by the fatuous gasbags of the corporate press -- for as long as a cowed and docile populace remains ignorant of the real "long war" being waged against them...and against their brothers and sisters, their fellow human beings, all over the world.

UPDATE: For more on this theme, see the recent post, Fortunes of War: Death and Chaos No Problem for Profit-Seekers in Iraq.