Down in the Flood

When that sad sack of shinola Joe Biden starts gearing up for his quadrennial failed run for the presidency in 2008, let's be sure this little clipping gets a wide airing:

Strict Bankruptcy Law New Blow for [Storm] Victims (NYT).

Biden – the highly perfumed courtesan of the credit card companies headquartered in his home state -- was one of the chief proponents of this draconian bill (which, by the way, the NYT completely mischaracterizes in typically pro-corporate fashion in the above item). Biden's staunch support helped knee-cap any effective Democratic opposition to the measure. This is the same Joe Biden who, every time it looks like anti-war sentiment is gaining traction among national Democrats, runs like the teacher's pet to Tim Russert or Brit Hume to declare that he supports the president's war – it's just that we ought to do the goldang job better, that's all.

The fact that this silly suit of clothes is considered one of the "giants" of the Democratic Party tells you everything you need to know about the utter degradation of our political system today.