Double Bluff: The Democrats' Pro-War Anti-War Bill

There has been much throwing about of brains on the Democrats' "bold" new proposal to "end" the onging war crime in Iraq. Anyone who still believes that these Reid-Pelosi Democrats are going to do anything to kill – or even pinch – the militarist goose whose golden eggs of loot and dominion are fattening the bipartisan plutocracy is, to put it mildly, a rock-bottom fool.

Arthur Silber does his usual excellent demolition job on this latest bit of bunkum from the "opposition" and the support it has garnered from some of our leading "progressive" lights. Silber takes the radical step of actually reading what the bill actually says, and learns that is the same old non-withdrawal withdrawal plan that we have heard from top Dems for months; i.e., it would keep thousands upon thousands of American troops in Iraq, year after year, operating from permanent bases and engaging in a vast range of military actions, including combat, "force protection," "counter-terrorism operations" and "supporting Iraqi forces."

In other words, under the Democrats' plan, Bush would achieve all of his war aims: a permanent military presence in Iraq, dominating a compliant Baghdad regime dedicated to imposing an "oil law" that will lay the conquered land's resources wide open for exploitation by Western plutocrats.

But Silber, as is his wont, goes deeper than this devastating analysis of the bill, and shows how the "false narrative" that Harry "Shaky" Reid is building around it – i.e., that he and Pelosi are "hanging tough" to end the war – has won wide acceptance in "progressive" circles because it is a false narrative that helps the Democrats politically. It turns out that many in the "reality-based community" are perfectly happy to swallow the kind of false narratives that the Bush Regime has churned out relentlessly over the years – as long as those lies serve the "proper" partisan turn.

But you'll get no excerpts here; Silber's piece deserves to be read in full, so get on over there pronto and give it a look: Stop the Lies, Stop the Funding, Stop the Genocide: STOP IT.