Disaster and Domination: The Bush Regime's Self-Created Arc of Crisis

The always excellent Tom Englehardt provides a magesterial overview of the whole scope of the, well, empire burlesque of the Bush Regime in his latest piece, The Theater of the Imperially Absurd. In this essay, Tom pulls together many sinister threads that are usually dealt with piecemeal – or not at all – to create a tapestry of the "arc of instability" that the Bushists have created across the planet's oil heartlands and environs. As we have noted here – for years – the blowback from the Bush-Cheney gang's lunatic bid for world domination will be ravaging the planet, in ways clearly predictable and totally unforeseen, for years, decades, to come. The "New American Century" envisioned and imposed by these mad militarists will be yet another era of blood and ruin, with excellent prospects for surpassing the last century in spreading darkness on the face of the earth.

No excerpts this time; the whole piece should be read in full, either here or here. (And, if I can be forgiven a plug, you can find much of this material elucidated – less succinctly, but in greater detail, and in chronological progression, like a long nightmare slowly unfolding – in Empire Burlesque: High Crimes and Low Comedy in the Bush Imperium, avaliable, among other places, here and here.)