Disassociative Disorder: Pushing Back Against AP's Heavy Hand

As usual, our own webmaster and co-founder, Rich Kastelein ("il miglior fabbro"), has gotten way out in front on an important issue, setting up – in a matter of hours – a new website dedicated to the boycott of AP. The news service has trained its legal guns on bloggers who commit the shameless crime of, er, quoting AP stories, thereby giving the organization literally priceless recognition and publicity reaching millions of readers every day. AP seems to think that the newspapers, networks and other venues who desperately need the vast range of content provided by the service every day will suddenly cancel their contracts if some blogger quotes three paragraphs of an AP story somewhere. Well, corporate logic has never been famous for its rigor and coherence.

The boycott campaign urges bloggers to use other sources until AP calls off the dogs. My personal recommendation is McClatchy (formerly Knight-Ridder), which for years has been head and shoulders above any other American news service – and has now surpassed itself with a series laying bare the injustice and brutality of Bush's Terror War gulag. (More on this later.)  

So check out "UnAssociated Press" – and check off AP from your list of linkees until they lay off.