Death for Dinner: Haley Barbour Kills Dale Leo Bishop

As you probably already know, they executed Dale Leo Bishop in Mississippi last night. I had urged readers to write  to Governor Haley Barbour and respectfully request that he commute Bishop's death sentence to life imprisonment, since he did not actually murder anyone, although he did take part in a terrible crime. Barbour refused -- even though he had just released a man who had murdered his wife in the street: blew her head off with a shotgun. But that actual murderer had been a servant in Barbour's mansion; wiping the dribble off Barbour's jowls is obviously a qualification for clemency. So the wife-murderer is free, while the non-murderer Bishop is dead.

The execution took place at the dinner hour, 6 p.m. Perhaps Barbour was just sitting down to a nice juicy steak as his minions were putting a syringe full of poison into Bishop's bloodstream. We can only hope the dead flesh Barbour devoured during the course of the execution will clot the bowels of the bloodthirsty, graft-bloated son of a bitch. (And we mean that in the most respectful sense, of course.)

Well, the deed is done. The world moves on. It's just too bad for Dale Leo Bishop that he was only involved in a single murder; if he had slaughtered a million people, like Barbour's good buddy, George W. Bush, no doubt he'd be a free man today.