Crips and Blood Money

Dead Man Walking: Bush Sr. and North Should Join Tookie Williams (Another Day in the Empire)
Kurt Nimmo has the down-and-dirty on the "deep politics" behind the execution of ex-Crip leader Stanley Williams. He leads us into the sinister nexus where the international drug trade meshes with geopolitical "statecraft" -- a deadly interpenetration whose consequences, both intended and unintended, lie behind many if not most of the major events of our time. We'll be tunneling deeper into this dark world in weeks to come, but Nimmo gives us a full plate to chew on here. You should read the whole piece, but here are some excerpts:

So, the state of California, run by the Hitler praising Arnold Schwarzenegger, has executed former Crips gang leader Stanley Tookie Williams at San Quentin..... Although Williams was convicted of the cold-blooded murder of four people, it should be noted that the raison d'être of the Crips was to sell cocaine, in particular crack cocaine. "In August 1996, Gary Webb began publishing the results of a yearlong investigation that traced the money fueling the horrific U.S.-backed "contra" war against Nicaragua to the profits from Los Angeles' 1980s crack epidemic," writes Dan Feder for the Narco News Bulletin:

"The CIA led its contra army to spend the entire decade terrorizing the Nicaraguan people and their Sandinista government, happily allowing the contras to flood Los Angeles and other North American cities with cocaine to fund their efforts. Gary provided extensively documented evidence that while poor communities in L.A. paid the price of the crack explosion-from rampant addiction in their neighborhoods to oppressive law enforcement and jailing with Reagan's stepped-up 'war on drugs'-the United States government protected the men moving a great deal of the drugs coming into the city. Local dealers faced life sentences while the bigtime narcos from Washington to Managua went free."

As the Iran-Contra hearings demonstrate, Oliver North and the Reaganites (many who now fill the Bush administration) were into drug dealing-and subsequently addicting and killing thousands of Americans-in a big and profitable way. "On Capitol Hill … Iran-Contra hearings avoided CIA and Contra links to large-scale cocaine smuggling. Yet, congressional panels had access to handwritten notes by Reagan administration official Oliver North, whose notebooks contained 543 pages with references to the drug trade. In one notation about Contra arms supplies, North wrote: '$14 million came from drugs.'" writes Norman Solomon for the Creators Syndicate. "Even after such excerpts from North's notes were made public, most news media bypassed the Contra-CIA-cocaine connection. [End excerpts]

This deadly dynamic has by no means ended. In fact, it has accelerated with dizzying speed since the end of the Cold War, reaching a new height of frenzy under the vast criminal enterprise known as the second Bush Administration. The Bush depradations that we already know about -- aggressive war, torture, arbitrary arrest, indefinite detention and so on -- are bad enough; but there is worse, much worse yet to come.  America has not yet drained its bitter cup of gall.