Criminal Intent: Behind the Latest Baghdad Bombing

If the latest mass-murdering market bombing in Iraq was indeed caused by using two women with Down syndrome (or otherwise mentally impaired) as the bomb carriers, then it was a particularly heinous act. (Of course, all terrorist attacks -- such as dropping 40,000 pounds of bombs in just 10 minutes on the Iraqi town of Arab Jabour, as American forces did last month -- are heinous, inhuman war crimes.)

But given the extensive, relentless "psychological operations" that the Pentagon runs in Iraq (and against the American people), and given the vast number of brazen lies and false stories that have long flooded the media throughout the "war on terror" -- and given that the gang in charge of Washington now is essentially the same one that used a professional PR firm to peddle the "Iraqis pulling babies from incubators" story to help sell the first Gulf War -- the reports about the identities and mental states of the alleged suicide bombers in Baghdad's al-Ghazl pet market should be taken with several truckloads of salt, until such time as they can be verified by independent sources.

Certainly, among the many savage forces unleashed and/or deliberately inflicted upon the Iraqi people by Bush's invasion, there are groups fully capable of using duped or unwitting agents to advance their radical political agenda. Indeed, the Bush Administration itself is one such group; the entire Iraq War can be seen as a suicide bombing writ large, with American soldiers sent by gutless terror-masters in Washington to kill multitudes in the service of a radical political agenda -- and to die, in their thousands, in the process.

So yes, the specific report about the al-Ghazl bombers might be true. But it emerges from such a dubious context -- the noxious atmosphere of blood-reeking lies that Bush has created in Iraq -- that it would be foolish to accept it immediately at face value, as almost all the Western press agencies have done.