Capone-Ordered Inquiry Finds No Wrongdoing in Chicago

CHICAGO, March 22 -- An inquiry ordered by Alphonse Capone into alleged "improprieties" by his employees in the greater Chicago area has found that the Capone Organization did not violate any laws in carrying out its operations in the fields of leisure activities, private business security, personal loans and government relations.

To underscore the importance and independence of the probe, Capone tapped his chief aide, Frank Nitti, to head up the task force. The report acknowledged the "gray area" in which some Capone operations are conducted in the rougher quarters of town, but found that no legal violations had been committed by the group....

Now here's a modern-dress version, from the NYT:
No Breach Seen in Work in Iraq on Propaganda

Excerpt: An inquiry has found that an American public relations firm did not violate military policy by paying Iraqi news outlets to print positive articles, military officials said Tuesday. The finding leaves to the Defense Department the decision on whether new rules are needed to govern such activities.

The inquiry [conducted by Rear Admiral Scott Van Buskirk] was ordered….after it was disclosed in November that the military had used the Lincoln Group, a Washington-based public relations company, to plant articles written by American troops in Iraqi newspapers while hiding the source of the articles….

Officials at the Pentagon and in Iraq said the Lincoln Group's contract remained fully in effect. The group's work, under a contract estimated at several million dollars, has included paying friendly Iraqi journalists stipends for favorable treatment.

Commanders in Iraq have said the group's efforts may continue unless a new policy to restrict or halt the practice is issued in Iraq or from the Pentagon. Those officials said the review acknowledged the "gray area" in which military communications and information operations are conducted in the battle zone, but found that no legal violations had been committed by the Lincoln Group in planting the stories. [End excerpt]

Stranger than fiction, as they say….