Broken Engagement: Rare Honesty from Bush Gang

Human Rights Watch has issued a denunciation of the Bush Administration for its disengagement from the UN's Human Rights Council. As HRW puts it:

The United States announced today at its daily State Department briefing that it will only participate in debates at the council when absolutely necessary and it feels compelled to do so by "matters of deep national interest." The United States failed to take the floor today in a council discussion on Burma, indicating the broad scope of its withdrawal. Although not a member of the Human Rights Council, the United States had participated as an observer at the council since its inception in 2006.  
"The US decision to walk away from the Human Rights Council is counter-productive and short-sighted," said Juliette de Rivero, Geneva advocacy director at Human Rights Watch. "Whatever the council's problems, this decision is a victory for abusive states and a betrayal of those fighting for their rights worldwide."

Here however we must demur slightly from the worthy advocates. Instead of condemning the Administration for this action, should we not applaud them for their honesty? The Administration has never given a damn about human rights in any form (except of course the rights of torture-enablers, warmongers and other state criminals called to testify before Congress); so why not drop the pretense? It's true that "this decision is a victory for abusive states" -- but then, every day that Bush and his minions walk free among decent people is a victory for abusive states, isn't it?