Blows Against the New Old World Order

When the man is on, he is on fire: Justin Raimondo takes down bloodthirsty Brit Niall Ferguson, the comfortably coddled cheerleader for imperial "severity," in this post from World War IV: A Realistic Scenario. You should read the whole thing, but here's a quick excerpt:

If Ferguson wants to talk about "the twilight of the West," perhaps he will consider the $2 trillion price tag Nobel Prize-winning economist Joseph E. Stiglitz has put on the Iraq war – which will seem like a big bargain compared to the cost of the coming war with Iran. But then again, Ferguson doesn't care about the costs of empire, not in treasure or in human lives: that would be giving in to American-style immaturity, which refuses to take up the burden of doing good throughout the world out of the conceit that Americans are somehow different from the British, the Russians, the Romans, and the builders of every tinpot imperium since the dawn of man.

I hope that we aren't "mature" enough to believe such nonsense, or act as if we do, but I very much fear that we will.