Blood Fruit: The Blowback Harvest Begins

Fighting them "over there" to keep from fighting them "over here"? Hell no. We're fighting them "over here" because we're fighting them "over there." UK intelligence confirms that last year's July 7 London bombings were a direct result of the Iraq War. It was not the work of long-time al Qaeda activists, but young Britons who had been radicalized by the unprovoked invasion of the Muslim heartland. From The Observer: Leak reveals official story of London bombings: Al-Qaeda not linked, says government.

And let's be clear: this is just the very beginning, the first, faint echoes of the coming whirlwind of blowback that will hit the United States and Britain as a result of the monstrous and murderous folly in Iraq. The victims of 7/7 are the first fruits of a terrible harvest of innocent blood. None of this retribution will be "justified" in any way -- that's not the point here. The point is that you cannot launch wars of aggression and slaughter tens of thousands of innocent people and expect a Gandhi-like response from your victims and their compatriots. Would that it were so -- but it is not so. The overwhelming majority of Muslims around the world will not, will never react with violence, not even to greater provocations (such as the coming attack on Iran); but as the British government's own investigation shows, these wars will radicalize a growing number of Muslims around the world who will seek to meet death with death.

Our dark days -- already pitch-black with murder and lies and hatred and fear -- are about to grow even darker.