Blogball World Series: Double Play Ends the Inning Against Washington Warmongers

(Celebrations were premature after the Commissioner-in-Chief's unprecedented ruling.)

The deadliest infield combo strikes again: It's Schwarz-to-Silber retiring the side, as the Outside Agitators hold off the Warmongers one more time. Unfortunately, the Commisioner-in-Chief has just decreed that the Warmongers will now get to have 900 at-bats every inning, so it looks like our boys are going to wear out those gloves.

In a quick interview on the steps to the dugout, Silber had this to say:

Our politicians speak of keeping "all options on the table" with regard to Iran. They talk of our "right" to threaten, bomb and destroy still another nation because it will not do exactly as we tell it -- even though that nation is not any kind of threat to us and will not be for years to come, if then. Our government is a genocidal murderer, empowered and enabled by cadres of genocidal murderers. If certain individuals do not commit the murders themselves, they make the murders possible -- and they allow them to continue.

The law is not the only means by which the state controls us, and strips our national discussion of all meaning. There is another, less formal but no less constricting means, which is commonly identified by the phrase, "the rules." We must all follow "the rules." You cannot ever break "the rules." Be very, very clear on this point: the only way you can speak the truth on any subject of importance in this country today is BY BREAKING THE RULES...

Friends, if this country -- and if you individually -- are to have any kind of human future at all, and by "human," I mean a life with any genuine meaning and joy, a life not fatally compromised by ongoing murder, torture, and brutality -- you had better fucking disturb the peace every second of every day.