Big Time Crooks

The New York Daily News reports that a "senior" White House figure has flipped on the Bush gang, and is now cooperating with special prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald. The speculation -- and of course that's all it is (but who cares, let's enjoy the moment anyway) -- is that Bigtime Dick Cheney himself is the main target of the "secret snitch" as Fitzgerald edges "closer to a blockbuster conspiracy charge." (via Carolyn Kay)

Now, if there is any fire whatsoever to this most savory smoke, any bets on which "senior" White House figure has decided to throw Cheney and his crew to the wolves? Could it possibly be a certain jowl-quivering, trotter-trotting porcine presidential puppetmaster who has now appeared before the grand jury four times? For make no mistake: if push comes to shove (or is that Bush comes to shove?), Big Dick will go out the window before Bush lets go of his beloved Karl "Curlytail" Rove.

Oh what a savagely splendid spectacle, to watch these gangsters devour each other! Eat hearty, boys, eat hearty!