Atlantic Free Press: The Genocidal Fury of George W. Bush

Mike Whitney speaks the straight, harsh truth over at Atlantic Free Press: One Crime Too Many. Among many other poniards, the insight excerpted here strikes deep:

Colin Powell stated that “genocide” was taking place in Darfur when the figures showed that approximately 200,000 Sudanese had been killed. Applying Powell’s standard to Iraq, which has half the population of Sudan, The Lancet statistics [which estimate 650,000 deaths caused by the invasion and occupation] prove that the United States is perpetrating genocide in Iraq.

For more on roaring hell that Bush has made in Iraq, see Manuel Valenzuela's eloquent lament, Upon Red Rivers of Genocide, and Craig Murray's revelations of the Regime's terrorist tactics in Civil War in Iraq: The Salvador Option and US/UK Policy.

Also up on Atlantic FP right now, Nafeez Mosaddeq Ahmed reveals CIA electro-shock torture in secret detention camps; William Blum spears the American obsession with the Sandinistas; William Cook details a forceful indictment of Israeli repression; Dave Lindorff and Tom Chartier brace for the shuck and jive of the coming elections; while Mickey Z gets the Halloween creeps from Condi Rice. And that's just today's front page at the Free Press.