Annals of Liberation: A New Hitler Rising

Iraqi PM Accuses U.S. of 'Daily' Attacks Against Civilians (NYT). Excerpt:

Prime Minister Nuri Kamal al-Maliki lashed out at the American military on Thursday, denouncing what he characterized as habitual attacks by troops against Iraqi civilians...In his comments, Mr. Maliki said violence against civilians had become a "daily phenomenon" by many troops in the American-led coalition who "do not respect the Iraqi people."

"They crush them with their vehicles and kill them just on suspicion," he said. "This is completely unacceptable." Attacks on civilians will play a role in future decisions on how long to ask American forces to remain in Iraq, the prime minister added.

OK, I just got off the phone with Karl, and here's the next party line for the Bush Faction sycophants: "Nuri Kamal al-Maliki: the new Hitler."

Michelle, Poddy, Derbydrawers, Hinderpants -- get cracking! There's a new meme in town!